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An evolution in water purification,
powered by the photons of the sun.

Desolenator uses solar energy in a new way to create high-quality water at scale. The impact goes beyond water provisioning, to create resilient communities and businesses. A frontier technology for evolved water provisioning.

In a fast changing world, water is the foundation for all life to thrive. Yet the way that we make and move water today is detrimental to our planet and the bottom line. Desolenator has a new approach to water supply: decentralised, regenerative, ocean-safe and 100% solar-powered. Measurable impact, evolved.

From islands to cities, a reliable supply of clean water is critical. The opportunity is to turn local complex water sources into a reliable clean water supply, powered by the sun. The impact is pure drinking water at low cost, regardless of location.

For businesses committed to better water stewardship, this is the next chapter in water innovation. High quality, low-cost and modular. Securing on-site water supply, whilst protecting local watersheds and environments.

A solution for forward-thinking companies seeking reliable water, and the communities that nurture them. Sustainable business, evolved.

We're working with some of the leading organisations in the world,
to build a better water future.
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