Net-zero water for food production.

Desolenator is proud to partner with Silal (ADQ) to deploy the world's first solar desalination plant for food production in the UAE.

Water provisioning
Provision of ultra-pure water for custom crop mineralization, promoting sustainable agriculture. Output water is remineralised to ensure optimal quality and yield for each crop type.
Sustainable desalination which secures fresh water using zero harmful chemicals. Low environmental impact and cost.
Cooling services
Provision of cooling services for greenhouses while maintaining net zero energy consumption.
Increased resource efficiency
Through waste energy utilization.

“[Desolenator] ticks all the right boxes (strategic alignment,commercial potential, solution scalability,environmental sustainability and powered by innovation), and has the potential to pioneer a new sustainable approach for greenhouse farming, addressing the water,energy and food security nexus.””

- Kai Ling Ting
Head of Innovation and R&D, ADQ

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