Value of water

Since 2015, the World Economic Forum has ranked 'Water Stress' in the top three risks for industry. With climate change, this will only accelerate. Desolenator creates value for partners where sustainability is strategic and water is critical. This is industry, evolved.

Climate and Water Crisis, Ocean Degradation, Food Production, Migration. Water surrounds us yet less than 1% is available for human use.

Our oceans headline

Climate impact

Reliable supply
Ensure water security with consistent, high-quality water created from local water sources.
Recycle & recapture
Water circularity through upcycling water from wastewater and minimising overall water footprint.
High purity
Custom remineralisation of ultra-pure water to meet your specific needs.
Designed for low maintenance with no consumables and renewable energy included for life.

Input water secured for future operations. Grid independent, 24-7 production. Reduced OPEX for water purification. Potable water for staff and local community. Increased water recycling on site.

Pure water for fertigation. Increased water efficiency through on-site water recycling. Enabling food security in non-traditional locations.

Precision-grade, ultra-pure water. Sustainably produced. Full circularity through Zero Liquid Discharge. Supporting transitions to better water stewardship and Net-Zero carbon.

Quality drinking water for guests, without the need for plastic bottles or diesel generators.
Low-maintenance systems suitable for remote, island and coastal locations.

Irene de Bot, Head of Sustainability -Industry Collaboration and Engagement strongly believes in Desolenator and we're so proud to have been part of their inspiring journey.

Quality water supply for citizens. Utilising abundant resources for decentralised production at low cost. Securing water and food in the face of climate change and water stress.

From islands to cities, pure drinking water at low cost for families. Reliable supply from local water sources regardless of complexity, powered by the sun. Creating community resilience in a changing world.