What we do

Desolenator is a transformative approach to water provisioning: Our world-first solar thermal desalination solution harnesses the photons of the sun to turn seawater or brackish water into high quality, pure water with zero harm to the planet.

Climate and Water Crisis, Ocean Degradation, Food Production, Migration. Water surrounds us yet less than 1% is available for human use.

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Climate impact

Protecting critical business assets
$225b worth of critical business assets are at risk due to water scarcity. Desolenator’s climate technology secures critical assets and value chains for businesses exposed to the water crisis.
Water provisioning for communities
Almost two-thirds of the world's population faces severe water scarcity at least once a month per year, totaling four billion people.  Desolenator's modular technology provides reliable, sustainable and affordable water to communities in need, no matter how remote.
Ocean-safe industry disruption
Desolenator is a step-change to traditional desalination which is unsustainable. Contrarily to reverse osmosis (RO), our patented process uses zero harmful chemicals, zero membranes, and zero energy intermittency, operating 24/7 off-grid. This solar-first technology solves the energy issue that has long plagued traditional desalination methods.

Integrated with Zero Liquid Discharge, this circular technology enables the production of quality water and salt where nothing goes back into our oceans: Solving the industry’s challenge of brine discharge.
At the heart of the water-food-energy nexus
Desolenator is central to the water-food-energy nexus: The vital interplay between water, food, and energy resources. We harness solar power to purify water, which in turn addresses both water and energy challenges. By resolving these issues, we secure food supply, forming the foundation for a thriving civilization.

Input water secured for future operations. Grid independent, 24-7 production. Reduced OPEX for water purification. Potable water for staff and local community. Increased water recycling on site.

Pure water for fertigation. Increased water efficiency through on-site water recycling. Enabling food security in non-traditional locations.

Precision-grade, ultra-pure water. Sustainably produced. Full circularity through Zero Liquid Discharge. Supporting transitions to better water stewardship and Net-Zero carbon.

Quality drinking water for guests, without the need for plastic bottles or diesel generators.
Low-maintenance systems suitable for remote, island and coastal locations.

Desolenator's mission is to provide real-zero water for communities and businesses through a solar-first, modular and circular climate technology.

Quality water supply for citizens. Utilising abundant resources for decentralised production at low cost. Securing water and food in the face of climate change and water stress.

From islands to cities, pure drinking water at low cost for families. Reliable supply from local water sources regardless of complexity, powered by the sun. Creating community resilience in a changing world.