A diverse team, united by a common purpose to transform our approach to water and protect the planet we depend on.

Based out of our laboratory in Maastricht, our team of 20 speaks 13 languages, is 50% female, and combines over 100 years in different engineering disciplines.

We're not afraid to get our hands dirty whilst testing our technology in the field, and are always looking to build partnerships with people who are motivated by what we do.

See our story so far and meet the team behind the tech.

Desolenator began life with a Eureka! moment whilst William was living in Abu Dhabi. The first prototypes were then built in Alexei’s garden in South India.

Field-testing in Southern Europe and the U.A.E. accelerated our learning. Before ending up in Maastricht in our working technical laboratory, and now with partners all over the world.
That’s our ‘garage’ origin story... This is only the beginning!

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