A diverse team, united by a common purpose to transform our approach to water and protect the planet we depend on.

Based out of our laboratory in Maastricht, our team of 20 speaks 13 languages, is 50% female, and combines over 100 years in different engineering disciplines.

Besides the sun, Desolenator is fueled by a deep-rooted shared passion to address the global water crisis and combat the adverse impacts of climate change. We are motivated by the urgency to create positive change in an industry that has historically been harmful to our environment. We strive to redefine the desalination space by delivering innovative, sustainable, and future-forward solutions that have a tangible impact on the lives of communities and the sustainability of businesses. 

Join us on this remarkable journey as we disrupt the desalination space, harmonize the water-food-energy nexus, and protect critical assets and communities. Together, we can drive transformative change, ensuring a water-secure and sustainable future for all.

Under the scorching Middle Eastern sun in Abu Dhabi, William Janssen came face to face with a critical challenge: the urgent need for desalination to provide water in the arid region. As he observed the growing water crisis, he couldn't help but notice the devastating environmental consequences of traditional desalination methods.

A spark ignited within him, and he vowed to find a better, more sustainable way to quench the world's thirst.Serendipity brought William together with Alexei, a serial entrepreneur who had been living in India. The two kindred spirits, united and motivated by the same spark, began the journey to revolutionize water provisioning. They set up shop in Alexei's lush South Indian garden, where the shared vision took root and they created the first prototype. Desolenator was born.A win in the form of a Climate Kic grant bought the two founders to Imperial College, where Jiajun Cen joined as CTO. Over time, the team expanded, the technology evolved, and the mission intensified.

That’s our ‘garage’ origin story... This is only the beginning!

Today, Desolenator has become a powerful force for change, as we’ve scaled up to produce > 40 cubic meters of water per hour. Each droplet of water produced serves as a reminder of the seeds of innovation that were sown in a garden, halfway across the world.

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